The RemoteRated CEO List: Q1 2021

2 min readMar 17, 2021

The leadership and development of a remote organization requires skills, perspective, and strategies that might not be obvious to ‘traditional’ CEOs. We polled communities and researched for ourselves to identify which CEOs are truly excelling in leading their company, culture, and people in a remote world.

Factors we consider:

  • Communication: We gave strong consideration to CEOs with articulate public leadership with regard to the remote conversation. CEOs that are evangelizing best practices, employee empowerment, and remote transformation immediately became candidates.
  • Employee Endorsement: Has the CEO received praise, and positive testimonial online? (We chatted with employees, dug up articles, Tweets, Glassdoor mentions, etc.)
  • Company Growth: Has the company been innovating, expanding, hiring, and growing revenue throughout the madness of the pandemic? (An achievement unto itself!)
  • Products / Services: We gave consideration to CEOs leading companies that provide value, utility, or leadership to the remote world. Although this was a minimal criteria, and you’ll find that some company’s products on the list have almost nothing to do with remote work. That being said, we wanted to celebrate those CEOs that are proactively building companies that themselves are evolving remote work.

Who did we miss? Who else deserves recognition? Set them up on or send us a note to nominate them for our next list!

  1. Adam Nathan | Almanac Docs
  2. Alex Bouaziz | Deel
  3. Andrea Loubier | Mailbird
  4. Carrie McKeegan| Greenback Expat Tax Services
  5. Chris Herd | Firstbase
  6. Clark Valberg | InVision
  7. Darren Buckner | Workfrom
  8. David Cancel | Drift
  9. Gesche Haas | Dreamy Humans
  10. Hiten Shah | FYI
  11. Jason Fried | Basecamp
  12. Jinglei Ren | Merico
  13. Jeff Shiner | 1Password
  14. Job van der Voort | Remote
  15. Justin Mitchell | Yac
  16. Lance Cummings | Voodrop
  17. Mark Faggiano | TaxJar
  18. Matthias Henze|Jimdo
  19. Nash Ahmed | Undock
  20. Natalie Nagele | Wildbit
  21. Sara Du | Alloy Automation
  22. Shyam Sundar | GoFloaters
  23. Sid Sijbrandij | GitLab
  24. Steli Efti | Close
  25. Tobi Lutke | Shopify

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